adjective; to display behavior associated with being a fan of something.

I am a fan of local businesses. I am a fan of seeing the local guys succeed in their communities. I am a fan of seeing local communities come together and support the businesses that reside in that community.

And my behavior will show that. I am interested in promoting the local guys. And your behavior can show that too. All around the country, and in fact the world, there are local businesses trying to compete with larger national brands. National brands do have their place in our communities. But if you can find similar product or services offered by your neighbors, friends, relatives, or just the mom and pop store down the road, don’t you want to support them first?

This site is dedicated to the guys in your community. Getting them some recognition for their efforts and contributions to the community. Don’t forget, that local business most likely buys product and services locally as well. It is kind of a “circle of life” in your communities. If you know a local company that you want to support, let me know! I love to hear about these guys!

Edmonton Bobcat Services is a local business found in Edmonton, Alberta. These guys are dedicated to getting the job done and get it done right. No surprises. And at a competitive, fair price. If you are working on your landscaping in the city, or out on the acreage, or even have a commercial project on the go, these guys will come with the right equipment and dedication to getting the final result to be what you were expecting. Whether that be landscaping, grading, demolition and even hauling away debris. Need a bobcat service? Check these guys out!

Grande Prairie Duct and Furnace Cleaning can be found in, you guessed it, Grande Prairie, Alberta. These guys have grown this business from the ground up. And have become a very reputable company in and around Grande Prairie. The thing that brings customers back to them, year after year, is the fact that they do the job at an affordable price. And their customer service is outstanding. They are focused on improving your indoor air quality, saving you from nasty stuff in the ventilation system. Also, saving you on your heating bills as well. And let’s not forget that dust and dirt in your airways can be a fire hazard. Best to keep your furnace and ducts clean. Best to use the most reputable Grande Prairie Duct Cleaning business too. Give them a call. You won’t regret it.

This company really gives it their all, when it comes to breathing life back into your homes. Especially the woodwork. Heritage Finishing is a company of professional wood finishing specialists. They recognize the beauty in the authentic wood finishing in your home, even before you do. Their work speaks volumes, as to their skills. Taking old stairways or window features and restoring them to their original beauty is a thing they take pride in. And you will be proud to show off your home to friends and family.They can show you examples of restoration work they have done for other happy customers and you will be astonished. These guys will blow your expectations right out of the water.

Looking for concrete services near Edmonton? Look no more. This company does some wicked stuff, when it comes to concrete and concrete finishing. They are great at applying stamped concrete. Have you seen this stuff? They can pour concrete and make it look like something totally different. They can stain it and make it look like wood. Or apply some really nice patters that just set it off like nobodies business. Their guys really know what they are doing and, no doubt you will be really pleased. I have seen this work first hand and there is a lot that goes into it. So trust a professional to get professional results. Local guys, doing it right.

Let's talk about First Aid. The stuff that everybody relies on when a crisis happens. From sprains, cuts, broken bones, right up to cardiac arrest. This is super scary stuff when it happens to you or near you. Having someone on hand who knows the correct things to do will relieve the stress of the injured and even the bystanders. There is a period of time before the paramedics arrive, so that time can be really critical. This team of go-getters take their first aid training classrooms on the go. Travelling to all corners of Alberta, to make sure people know what to do. Check out this mobile first aid training from Edmonton. It just might save someone's life.

Look way up. Right up there among your tree branches. There's a guy up there. That's his job, every day, to get up there and remove any limbs that need to come down. He is keeping your tree healthy and removing the risk that a branch could come tumbling down upon you, causing injury. He could get injured doing this but he is a trained arborist. They know exactly what they are doing, believe me. With years of training behind them, these are the guys to call for any of your needs when it comes to the upkeep of your trees. They will come out and give you an honest opinion about your options. If you are looking for stump removal, tree trimming, or even tree removal near High River, hit these guys up. They want to keep your trees healthy and keep your property safe.

Ever had a pipe burst in your place? Or at work? Once you get all that mess cleaned up, you best be on the look out carefully for any of that icky stuff that might settle in. Mold. At the first sign that you have some mold growing, it is best to get it tested to determine if it is harmful, and take the necessary steps to get it removed correctly. This stuff can travel in the air and settle on any organic material. And the risk it causes to respiratory health is no laughing matter. This stuff can be dangerous. Hiring a professional will ensure that it is handled correctly. Making sure the source of water or dampness is addressed first, is important. Then the removal needs to be done in a safe way. And then the environment needs to be returned to healthy condition. Do not cut corners when it comes to getting rid of mold in your home or office. Get in touch with these guys when you need mold removal near Didsbury. They service all outlying areas as well.

There is something about a freshly painted room. The interior space is renewed, refreshed, and revamped. A fresh coat of paint can transform a space from being boring to being inspired. The right shade of color in a bedroom can promote relaxation and comfort. And dark rooms can be improved by adding lighter colors to walls. Selecting the right color may be just the first thing you need to do. You also have to pick the right finish, because there are different types of paint for different rooms and results. Sometimes hiring or consulting with a professional will get you the results you want. This company, Painters Enterprise, has worked on projects for brand name businesses. They also do residential work as well. If you are looking for painters in Edmonton, we would suggest you contact them. They will get you off on the right foot for your project.

Have you ever had the very bottom pit of your stomach drop when you realize your vehicle is broken down? Let's think maybe about that time when you had a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere. Or the moment you realize you have just locked your keys in your vehicle. We have been there. We have done that. And we know the instant stress that can cause. You feel it immediately. But there is help that is available 24 / 7. They are just a call away. A reliable, reputable towing company is just one call away. Connect with them and you will feel relief almost instantly. They are ready and willing to get to you as soon as possible so you can get back on the road and carry on with your journey. Pro Towing in Edmonton is your go to option for all your towing needs.

Here's a referral for all you business owners. Actually, businesses with store fronts or office space. Keeping your work environment nice and clean reflects very favorably to your customers, clients, or staff. I have been in some businesses that just don't really take the cleaning of their space seriously. We do recognize that over time, carpets and surfaces will age. But a good, reliable commercial cleaning service will help you maintain the space and even extend the need to replace older material. But don't just limit the cleaning to the floor space. Windows, countertops, furniture, and even duct cleaning are all necessary to offer a positive, comfortable workspace or client reception. Let's just say, we are a fan of clean spaces!

And speaking of clean spaces, have you ever noticed how clean and tidy a space can look when you have tiling on the floor or walls? Bright tiles across a room can make the space feel large, bright, and clean. Also adding accent features to a wall, such as backsplash in a kitchen, can add an extra element to the appearance of the room. They are pretty easy to clean, depending on the type of tile used. You have to clean the grout around the tiles to keep it from getting discolored, but that isn't something to deter anyone from installing tile. After all, cleaning any space is necessary to maintain it's appeal. But tiling can just take a space to the next level. If you are looking for a good, solid tile installer, because you don't want to do it yourself, that's not a problem! Tile Installation Edmonton is there for you!

We all should be aware of how important our air quality is. This includes the air quality in our homes, office spaces, and all public areas. Ensuring that your furnace ducts are cleaned on a regular basis is important. Many indoor locations are circulating air through the intake of our furnaces and then distributing that air through out our space. Filters are a necessity to capture impurities in the air, but so is keeping the ducts clean of the same inhabitants. It is recommended that ducts be cleaned a minimum of once a year. This will remove allergens and airborne particles from your indoor space. If your ducts are overdue for a cleaning, we would suggest you contact this duct cleaning company today. Your health and the air that you breathe are important.